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Linx Networks Ltd deploys both Wired and wireless Network Infrastructure

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Network Planning And Design

.There are many network design considerations that every solution provider should take into account before embarking on a network design project. Knowing these trends and caveats will help you make the best network design planning and network design choices for your customer.
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LAN/WAN Deployment Services

Your data cabling could serve you for ten to twenty years, longer than any other part of your network, yet it may account for a relatively small proportion of your IT budget. For hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, Linx Networks has provided Fiber Optic Cabling installation.
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Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

Wireless Site Surveys from Linx-Networks Ltd measure the wireless performance across your complete site. Using the latest and greatest tools available, we measure signal strength at your facility, then provide a heat map displaying any issues, such as signal strength Deploying wireless infrastructure is
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Advance Technical Services

Linx Advanced Technical Services (ATS) provides clients with objective expert technical advice, independent of OEM influence. Our service ensures that your business requirements are thoroughly understood and addressed, while maximizing the return on investment in your existing network and data center infrastructure.
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About Linx Networks Ltd

We are Linx Networks Ltd

Linx Networks Ltd being a registered Limited liability company partners with most IT vendors. we are a channel partner of HP, DELL, CISCO NETAPP etc. we sell and supplies IT/Networking Infrastructure. Cisco Networking Equipment, Dell/HP servers, Smart Home/Home Automation Equipment


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